The works explore the implementation from theory to practice by using tectonic relation as a clue and uses perceivable structural relation as a new ornament to achieve a delicate balance between abstraction and concreteness. (More Info)
Wang Shuaizhong is a PhD student and a research assistant at the ETH Zurich, Department of Architecture, Chair of Structural Design. He received his Master of Architecture with Distinction from Aalto University (Finland) in 2019. He obtained his Bachelor of Architecture in XJTU (China) in 2016 with the Excellent Graduation Design of Civil Engineering Specialty in Shaanxi Universities. He has been invited as a visiting student at ETH Zurich in 2019 and finished his Master Thesis Project in Joseph Schwartz Research group there. He was selected as an exchange student at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and studied in Yoshiharu Tsukamoto laboratory (Atelier Bow-Wow) in 2018. He worked in architectural offices in China, Finland, and Japan. He is the winner of competitions such as the International VELUX Award in 2018, ArkxSite Site-chapel Young Architects Competition in 2019, and his work has published on the website like gooood and KooZA/rch. (More info)
He has a multidisciplinary interest ranging from Architectural Theory, Philosophy, and Computation. His research starts with the notion of Strong Structures, and using graphic statics as an operational medium to link the neuroscientific and psychological human perception principles with static principles, trying to introduce an embodied structural design thinking that could connect structure, space, and body.​​​​​​​

07. 2022 / Oral Presentation at 5th International Association of Structures & Architecture (ICSA) 2022 (More information)
06. 2022 / Workshop lead - Light Geometries - ETH&NJU collaborative online workshop
06. 2022 / Public lecture titled "Anatomy of Food: Form, Structure and Production", Tianjin University (More information)
04. 2022 / Guest editor for the special issue “Structural Thinking” in the Architectural Journal (建筑学报) (More information)
11. 2021 / Design Project The Canopy published at Archidaily (More information)
11.2021 / Organizer and presenter of the "Strong Structures" International Lecture Series (More information)
09. 2021 / Oral Presentation at International fib Symposium on Conceptual Design of Structures 2021 (More information)
07. 2021 /  Summer school: Body Wonder Land. (More information)
06. 2021 /  Guest editor for the special issue “Strong Structures” in the Journal The Architect (建筑师) (More information)
03. 2021 /  Public lecture titled "Structures for Architecture" lived on Bilibili, collaborating with BUCEA& (More information)
08. 2020 /  Workshop lead - Polysemy of Structures - ETH&SEU&BJTU collaborative online workshop (More information)
06. 2020 / China Scholarship Council Grant for PhD Studies
04. 2020 /  Studio Tom Emerson Interim Crits - ETH Zurich (More information)
10. 2019 /  Interviewed by KooZA/rch (More information)
04. 2019 / Site Chapel, Arkxsite architecture competition, Honorable mention (More information)
01. 2019 / Interviewed by gooood together with Ziggy Chen (More information)
01. 2019 / Invited visiting student and Master Thesis Project in ETH Zürich, Joseph Schwartz Research group Zürich, Switzerland
10. 2018 / International VELUX Award, Regional Winner (More information)
08. 2018 / Attend the Baltic International Summer School, Hamburg, Germany
02. 2018 / Assistant in the curation of the second phrase of Tokyo Metabolizing Exhibition, Japan
09. 2017 / Exchange semester in Yoshiharu Tsukamoto laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
06. 2017 / Sri Lanka Hambantota International Cultural Exchange Centre workshop, Sri Lanka
03. 2017 / Excellent Graduation Design of Civil Engineering Specialty in Shaanxi Universities, Second Prize
10. 2015 / Siyuan Special Scholarship, awarded by XJTU
08. 2015 / Volunteer in Bridge to China, Macha Village, Gansu, P.R. China
03. 2015 / Excellence Award of International Workshop on “Low Carbon High Rise”, Design Proposal for the Kurozaki Area in Kitakyushu, Japan
01. 2015 / POLIS Architecture Study, Spain
12. 2014 / Architecture Special Scholarship(5%), awarded by XJTU
12. 2014 / Elite Student (5%), awarded by XJTU
12. 2014 / International Workshop in NUS and NTU, Singapore
11. 2014 / The Honorable Mentions of LCDBC 2014 International Student Design Competition
10. 2014 / 1st POLIS Future Architects Design Competition—Award of Excellence (Top award)
05. 2013 / 2nd Prize Prize of Real Space Building Competition of Shaanxi Province

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