Two-Truss House

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Wang Shuaizhong, Shen Kewei, Zhang Ruijia

This project aims to acquire a possibility of architecture in nature through the distinctive and chronological theory of Kazuo Shinohara, the idea is to purpose a “Style” developed by his consecutive four styles fits the contemporary plateau.

A form of spiral curve was purposed during the discussion, by which the new fifth style would incorporate both the anti-meaning, non-referential forth style and the interrelationship between abstraction and concreteness of third style. Through such sublimation nature and architectural elements intertwine with each other almost without the intervention of Architects. By wielding the universal tool of what Shinohara called elementary geometry. The formation of Architecture including space, structure all controlled and verified by the elementary geometry.

The building located on a sharp slope in Tateshina, where the building is half supported by the slope and half cantilevered. Besides extending the slope into the interior, two different forceful trusses were also created to dialogue between the site and building.