Animal Utopia

Bridge Competition
Nanjing, China
Ziqi Chen,  Shuaizhong Wang

Long time ago, human and animals live in nature together, with peace and harmony. When forests are replaced by steel and concrete, those animals gradually lost their habitats and are forced to migrate. How to bring animals back and help them adapt to the current urban living environment became the starting point of the design.

The site located in the center of Lujiazui, Shanghai. The design combines the clear and complex spatial prototype of ant nest, a functional hierarchy and circulation, with the urban symbol of Shanghai skyscrapers. It not only provides the demand of animals for complex living environment, but also makes the building perfectly consistent with the surrounding urban context.

The light structure and facades allow the huge volume of the building disappeared into the city like a floating cloud. The porous and complex circulation become an ideal animal utopia and a new urban landscape.